Scaldis Food, all about cheese, butter and powder!

Cheese, butter and powders  are our specialties. Historical, since the last 33 years,  we work closely with a number of carefully selected international and certificated producers who operate conform the highest standards. They all personally guarantee the consistent supply of quality cheese, and other Dairy products which enables us to meet all your needs.

Scaldis Food , is led by knowledge and experience of all team members. Established by our founder  Dieter Kuijl and Managing Director Hélène Vandamme in order to fulfil the high demand in today’s Dairy market .

Scaldis Food, meet our professional sales team driven by expertise and knowledge in today’s  Dairy market combined with a consistent high service level.

Scaldis Food, meet our logistic services in Dairy- and all other fresh and frozen food products. We buy, we sell, we store and we distribute.  

Scaldis Food, will soon be ready to offer you storage under cold and frozen conditions. Perfectly located on only 30 minutes away from Antwerp Harbour and just one hour away from Rotterdam- and Brugge Harbour


We are driven by a collective entrepreneurial spirit and a great passion for food !